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“Phil really helped me get organised by teaching me how to use Trello, so I can now be more efficient at work. He was really patient in showing me how to get the best out of the system for me and my team and I’m definitely finding it a huge help in my day to day. Thanks Phil”

Martha Ray, Senior Restaurants Operations Manager

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“I can’t thank Kirkwood Business Services enough for all the work done for me, for my website and social
media accounts. Phil worked quickly and efficiently and produced fantastic results. He made sure he knew
exactly what I needed and got everything absolutely perfect. Thank you!”

Kathryn Croft, International Bestselling Author

“Phil has helped me to make sense of creating social media content for my business,providing practical advice and time saving techniques. Can highly recommend Kirkwood Business Services.”

Rachel Young, Founder

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“I reached out to Phil for assistance with a total revamp of my website’s content, which had become stale and outdated. Engaging Phil for this project proved to be an excellent decision. He adapted to my working speed, we held frequent discussions about the aesthetics and essence of the content, and his remarkable attention to detail was precisely the expertise I required.”

Simon Moore, Director

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“Phil has given us great service across our marketing services – planning, creating and delivering social media campaigns, analysing and improving pay-per-click advertising and preparing client reports. He is thorough, creative, and we’d definitely recommend him.”

Matt Willson, Director

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“Phil came in and supported us with our website updates, social media scheduling and image preparation.
His input at this crucial time gave us the bandwidth we needed to ready our product for market.
As someone who is inquisitive and cares a great deal about his work we were in safe hands
and would not hesitate to recommend him for future projects.”

Mark Nesbitt, Director

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“I can highly recommend Kirkwood Business Services. Phil helped me get up and running when I started my own company in early 2021. Whilst I focused on securing my first clients, Phil swiftly took care of designing and creating professional looking branding for use on my website, business cards, LinkedIn page and invoices. Kirkwood Business Services provided the skills, attention to detail and creativity needed to free up my time to focus on other elements of my business.”

Mark Harris, Director

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“As a small marketing agency, we sometimes need to call on the services of expertise not held within our organisation. Phil fits the bill perfectly, easy going but extremely professional, he helped pull together video content for one of our clients. I’d have no hesitation in recommending Phil and am looking forward to the opportunity of working with him again.”

Karen Stanford, Account Director

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“Very professional and responsive – highly recommended. Kirkwood Business Services, when presented with a design challenge, showed great creativity and delivered a brilliant result. Phil also showed his experience and skills around all the practical aspects of the job as well, helping me avoid potential problems and ensuring the best outcome all round. Thank you.”

Riki Dolby, Director

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“Would highly recommend! Kirkwood Business Services has been absolutely fantastic at helping me set up when I decided to take the leap into becoming self-employed. I was able to focus on the physical jobs whilst Phil took care of the rest. Very personal and professional service. Thank you, I’ll be continuing to use as my business grows.”

Kloe Kirkwood, Founder

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“Knowing Phil’s varied digital experience, I approached him for design ideas for my company logo. My brief was loose, but he quickly delivered the exact logo I required to portray my services in one clean and concise image. I’ve taken Phil’s advise on various projects over the years I’ve known him. He has the ability to declutter, to focus on highlighting the key messages.”

Simon Williams, Founder

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“I worked on Zoom with Phil, making my systems and day to day IT access more streamlined to save me time. He also reminded me about Trello which I had used in the past a lot and have now returned to. He introduced me to Toby for Chrome which is a genius full service platform housing all the websites and platforms I use on a daily basis. All of it is working well, thank you Phil!”

Lara Doherty, Founder

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“I found Phil at Kirkwood Business Services to be both helpful and efficient in reaching my needs
professionally and incredibly promptly. I would have no hesitation in recommending him.”

James Lewis, Founder

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“I just wanted to thank Phil for his excellent and professional support recently. He guided me to organising my business and to be able to work more efficiently and productively. He was patient, knowledgeable, fun and succinct meaning we completed the task within the allocated time. Really enjoyed our work together and I would definitely recommend Phil.”

Sally Harper, Sally Harper Yoga & Wellbeing

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“The great thing about Phil is he’s so user-friendly so he makes IT stuff user-friendly! He takes the time to find out about how your current systems work (or don’t!) and can show you small manageable steps to reduce frustration. He has a fun and down-to-earth way of describing techy stuff to make it relatable to non-techies like me. We came up with simple next steps for our next session and I actually feel enthusiastic about what would otherwise feel an avoidable burden. I can happily recommend him for one-off pesky IT headaches, or an ongoing project.”

Emma Saccomani, Mental Health First Aid | Keynote Speaker

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“I booked a 1:1 session with Phil to help me get to grips with Trello. I had some knowledge but hadn’t taken the time to explore all the functionality. The 90 minutes whizzed by and it was extremely helpful. Being able to share my Trello board with Phil via Zoom was great as he could see where I was up to and guide me through the functions I wasn’t using yet, totally hands-on which is how I like to learn. I definitely learned how I can maximise not only my time but also that of invited members of my board. I’ve no doubt it saved me time, far quicker than trying to work it out for myself by searching videos etc, and hence cheaper in the long run. I picked up some great tips that I wouldn’t have come across otherwise and I loved that I was in control of where we invested the time. Phil has a great style; patient, informal and knowledgeable. I would highly recommend a training session with Kirkwood Business Services.”

Alison Thorogood, Holistic Lifestyle Coach

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“Phil pays great attention to detail and is careful to ensure your projects
turn out exactly the way you wanted them. Great service, thanks.”

Donna Crossman, Founder

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