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There’s some new software to learn at the office and you don’t have much time to get to grips with it. Instead of trawling through hours of online videos and slowly working it out for yourself why not cut to the chase and let Kirkwood Business Services walk you through everything you need to know and get off to a confident start with one of these courses.

Trello 1-2-1 Project & Task Management (2 hours – Virtual)

Are you a small business owner struggling to keep track of your priorities?

Have you made a note of it all but it’s just scribbles on scraps of paper?

Then this is the course for you.

With the Trello 1-2-1 Project & Task Management Course you’ll learn how to create a project board that’s relative to your business, within a shareable workspace, putting everything clearly in front of you; so that you can see what’s done, what’s outstanding and what’s on the horizon.

You’ll learn how to create task cards with a walk-through of features, set up Power-Ups to take care of some of the mundane stuff and stylize your board and cards in a way that suits you.

After a clear explanation of what things mean, you’ll be confident that you get the most from your first steps.

What’s included?

  • New account setup and workspace creation
  • Board building and styling
  • Board sharing and collaboration
  • List creation, styling and management
  • Card creation with features walk-through
  • An introduction to power-ups
  • Menu navigation
  • Optional post-course support

Only £95.00

trello course

Canva 1-2-1 Graphic Design (2 hours – Virtual)

Okay, so you’re looking to put together some graphics for your social media platforms, maybe a report for the boss, knock up some business cards for your department, or perhaps give a presentation to your pupils.

With Canva you can do all this and so much more but it can be very overwhelming for someone who has little experience with Graphic Design
and be difficult to know where to start.

With the Canva 1-2-1 Graphic Design Course not only will you learn how to create designs that you can quickly and easily return to again and again with all the right colours, fonts and logos that you need, but you’ll quickly be able to share them with the world via social media.

What’s included?

  • New account setup
  • Brand kit preparation
  • Project & folder creation and navigation
  • Design and template creation
  • Social media accounts connection
  • Social media scheduling
  • Optional post-course support

Only £95.00

canva course